A totally improvised musical

A group photo of people from Rollercoasters: A totally improvised comedy musical

PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 has led to several show cancellations, so the show dates you see below are subject to change. If you have the means, please consider donating to local theatres, performance groups and artists who have inspired you. They need your support more than ever. We'll be fine for now. We love you.


We're Berlin's first improv group dedicated to the musical, made up of singers, improvisers, comedians, rappers, dancers, actors and musicians from around the world. Our performances feature musicals completely improvised from start to finish – and it's all in English.

You give us one suggestion and we take it from there, creating lyrics, melodies, choreography and dialogue before your very eyes. Some might say you're attending the show's opening AND closing night at the same time.

Marisa Llamas and Jess Gadani of Rollercoasters Musical Improv posing for the camera


We create one instant musical a month at Comedy Café Berlin in Neukölln as part of their English-language improv programme. We also perform in other venues from time to time, so keep an eye on our show calendar below.

Our hour-long show is an interpretation of the classic hero's journey (or monomyth if you're feeling fancy) blended with song structures found in Broadway/West-End style musicals. We have a 25-minute format as well – it snagged the audience award in the format competition at the 2019 Warsaw Improv Festival. They even gave us a trophy.

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Sara, Martin, Chris and Blake of Rollercoasters Musical Improv posing for the camera making weird faces


- The improvisers -

Sara Nere, Jess Gadani, Christopher J. Rock, Summer Banks, Blake Farha, Peter Talbot

- The musicians -

Ben Southam, Marco Mazzai, Joseph Pierce

Hans, Jess, Martin and Ben of Rollercoasters Musical Improv posing for the camera and looking weird


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